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Anonymous Tip

This anonymous tip form is unattended.

If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

DO NOT use the tip line for reoccurring ongoing issues (such as Neighbor disputes or on going drug issues in the area) without speaking to an Officer first. This site is NOT monitored 24/7 and issues reported here cannot be addressed while the issues are occurring. This can lead to frustration from residents who believe that their issues are being ignored or not addressed even after multiple repeated Anonymous tip reports. Please call the Monroe County Control Centers Non-Emergency # (570-992-9911)  to report these issues in real time to the police- so an Officer can observe the conditions that are being reported and if possible take appropriate action. 

By providing your information, you are playing a vital role in keeping the our communities safe. We appreciate your help and ask that you be as specific as possible.  Try to include as much detail as possible including, when known, the exact location such as street address, street name, development name, town.  Include as much information as you know about any suspect(s), such as name (if known), race, sex, height, weight, hairstyle, facial hair, known aliases, clothing type.  For vehicle information, please include the make, model, color, license plate number, license plate state, and any other descriptive information that might be helpful.

Any information given will be kept confidential.

To Submit an Anonymous Tip please call 570-424-7002, 24 hours/day, or use the form below:

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