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   How to submit a Right-to -Know request to the Stroud Area Regional Police Department

      1. All RTKL requests for records must be in writing. Each request must identify or describe the records sought with sufficient specificity to enable the SARPD to ascertain which records are being requested. Each request must also provide a name and address to which the SARPD response will be directed.

      2. All requests must be addressed to the Agency Open Records Officer:

                  Chief Jennifer Lyon

                  Stroud Area Regional Police Department, 100 Day Street, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301

                  Fax: 570-421-5979

              Requests may be sent to the SARPD RTK Office via mail, fax or in person during regular business hours of 8:30- 4:30 Monday- Friday (except holidays and official office closings)

      3. Investigative reports are not public information and therefore not accessible under the RTKL. Investigative reports may be available with a properly executed subpoena.

Click here for RTK fee schedule.

    Requesting Police Recordings (Video & Audio) in Pennsylvania

Act 22 of 2017 (specifically, Chapter 67A of the Act) established a new process for requesting audio and video recordings in the possession of law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania.

Act 22 applies to individuals seeking "any audio recording or video recording made by a law enforcement agency." The Right-to-Know Law does not apply to requests for these recordings.

How to File a Request

Under Act 22, a request for an audio or video recording in the possession of a law enforcement agency must be made within 60 days of the date the recording was made.

A written request must be submitted to the Agency Open Records Officer (AORO) for the law enforcement agency that possesses the record. The request is not officially received until it is personally delivered to the AORO, or when it is marked as "delivered" by certified mail.

The request must include:

  • The date, time and location of the event recorded;

  • A statement describing the requester's relationship to the event recorded; and

  • If the recorded incident took place inside a residence, the request must also identify every person present at the time of the recording, unless unknown and not reasonably ascertainable.

Click here for a SARPD Recording Request Form.

Under Act22, the agency may deny the request- in writing- if it determines that a recording contains:

  • Potential evidence in a criminal matter; or

  • Information pertaining to an investigation or a matter in which a criminal charge has been filed; or

  • Confidential Information or victim information; and 

  • The reasonable redaction of the recording would not safeguard potential evidence.

Fee Associated with Granted Requests

Act 22 permits law enforcement agencies to charge a reasonable fee to provide a copy of the audio recording or video recording. The SARPD has established a fee of $100 per recording for granted audio or videos. 

Once a request is filed, the agency has 30 days to respond, although the requester and agency can agree to an extension.

   How to Appeal a Denied Request

        The requester may appeal within 30 days of the date of denial to the Court of Common Pleas with jurisdiction            over the matter (i.e., the court in the county where the recorded event took place).

        The appeal is filed as a Petition for Judicial Review and must include:

  • A filing fee of $125;

  • A copy of the written request and any written responses; and

  • Proof that the AORO was served within five days of the filing of the Petition;

  • If the event recorded took place inside a residence, the petitioner must also certify that notice of the petition has been served on each individual present at the time of the recording and on the owner and occupant of the residence, unless that information is unknown and not reasonably ascertainable.

Submitting a Request

All requests must be either hand delivered to the Agency Open Records Officer or sent by certified mail, as follows:

Stroud Area Regional Police Department

Attn: Agency Open Records Officer, Chief Jennifer Lyon

100 Day Street

East Stroudsburg Pa. 18301

More information can be found here:

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